• Environment & Quality Policy

Environmental & Quality Policy

Every employee of TDK-LAMBDA SINGAPORE PTE LTD is responsible for our Environmental & Quality (EQ) policy. Good EQ performance is critical to the success of our business. We shall:

• Keep providing excellent service and quality products which conforms to the satisfaction of our customers.
• Promote compact, light and highly efficient products.
• Observe regulations & laws including requirements from our customers, and other agreed requirements relevant to environment & quality.
• Promote energy saving and conserve resources.
• Promote reduce, reuse and recycling.
• Promote lead free environment.
• Prevent pollution by abolishing, managing & reducing toxic chemical substances.
• Continually improves the quality of our products, services and environmental performance through setting of targets & objectives, effective implementation and periodically review of the EQ management system.
• Document & make available our EQ policy to all employees and the general public.