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Precautions against counterfeit TDK-Lambda products

We have become aware that counterfeits of TDK-Lambda products are sold through unauthorized distributors or online trading recently.

The counterfeits are illegally modified or imitated products which are not compliant to our quality standard, may cause malfunction and have potential risks to your application to caused serious safety problem.

TDK-Lambda products are sold worldwide through our regional representatives or our authorized distributors. When you buy TDK-Lambda products, please note they are supplied through official sales channel.
When you have any question or doubt, please contact our sales representatives in your region.

Contact of TDK-Lambda global sales offices.

Illegally modified or imitated products are outside the product servicing and guarantee of TDK-Lambda. We will not take any responsibility for incidents, problems and disadvantages caused by the counterfeit products used in your application.


Examples of counterfeit products

  • Imitated product labels / invalid serial number labels
  • Illegal modification to change product specification
  • Imitation of obsolete products

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